Ribald & rowdy fun with just enough raunch to jiggle your gut bucket! 


Play it anywhere, anytime. Play it at a party with a pack of plucky pals. Play it the airport while you’re waiting for your flight. Pack it with your toothbrush for your next vaycay. You can even play it in church during the boring parts. With five decks to choose from, you and your crew will be busting knuckles and guts for hours on end.

Tammy TSA

“Granny’s getaway turns tragic when Tammy TSA gets jinky with her junk.” You can find Tammy in SlapJerk Volume II accompanied by a whole cluster of contemptible cretins.

ISIS Osiris

“Nothing lights up his day like an infidel’s head on a stick, an orange jumpsuit BBQ and boning the goat to celebrate.” Osiris is one of the vile villains from the SlapJerk XTreme Edition.