The Slap Story

by Greg V, SlapJerk creator


My high school geometry teacher, a plump mustached man, squandered the first fifteen minutes of every class period chumming it up with the jocks. This was a grave injustice for me, an honor student with a GPA in peril because of this very class. I was there to get a good grade, not listen to this salad-dodging ex-jock get his kicks by swapping sports stories with his ball game bros. I loathed jocks. They were puffed-up drama divas who acted like the world and everything in it belonged to them. They made the most noise, demanded the most attention and were the only ones prancing around the locker room with their dongs hanging out. And now these clowns were responsible for my fading math grade.


Payback Time

Those high school days are gone but my revulsion to bad people is as fresh as a sheet of Downey dancing in the dryer. Some humans are flawed and the good ones, bound by unwritten rules of decency, always end up having to withstand bad behavior. SlapJerk is my invitation to all good people to put on your game face and get some payback for all of the nasty characters who cross your path.


Poking Fun

SlapJerk is more than a game; it’s an effusive scratch at the scab of humanity. Hoisting a magnifying glass over the human animal and scorching it with sarcasm is not only a lot of fun, it’s quite literally an act of emotional purification! Let’s face it, some people deserve it, especially those jerks who wrecked my GPA.