How Long Does It Take To Learn?

SlapJerk is so easy to play, sloppy drunks, mental midgets and foggy-brained old farts can learn to play in a short minute.

What Are The Rules?

If you have a low IQ, you’re lazy, drunk or all of the above, and you’d rather watch a video showing how to play SlapJerk!, you’ve just hit pay dirt!

How Many People Can Play?

Two to eight, although four or five seems to be a sweet spot for good game play.

How Long Does A Game Last?

About 15 minutes. If a game is lasting longer than desired, set a time limit and count each player’s cards when time runs out. The person with the most cards wins.

What’s The Difference Between Decks?

Gameplay is identical across all decks. The difference is that each deck is illustrated by a specific artist. Some decks are more thematic like the “Corporate Edition” and the “XTreme Edition”. Each deck has its own set of characters.

Are These Collector’s Cards?

The SlapJerk! concept is very art-centric. Each deck is illustrated by a single artist. The tarot-sized cards are larger than most game cards and have only a small space taken by the demented descriptions. Given these qualities, we hope people find SlapJerk! cards to be quite collectible.

Are There More Decks Coming?

Is the Pope Catholic? You better believe it! With four more decks in the queue and ideas continuously peppering our playbook, there’s seemingly no end to the filthy freaks waiting to be fabricated. If you have an idea for a nasty character, don’t be stingy, let us have it!

Can Kids Play This?

Much of the visuals and copy contain adult themes and language, therefore all decks have a recommended age of 16. The characters in the XTreme Edition are really bad so it’s recommended for those 17 and older. Currently, we have plans to produce the SlapJerk Kid’s Edition with a school-related theme, but we’re not sure how to grade its age appropriateness since some parents won’t be keen on the idea of teaching their young ones to slap jerks.

Where Can I Buy SlapJerk?

SlapJerk just sprung like a slinky so currently this site and Ebay are the only places you can get it. However, we’re working on distribution all the time so we’ll keep you updated as the list begins to grow. The “Retailers” link on this site will list a host of brick and mortars brave enough to carry our product as well.

Is It Safe to Order With My Credit Card?

Damned straight! This is a secure site. All credit card info is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored in a PCI compliant environment. If you’re still stressed about this and want more detail, read our TERMS. Pro tip: reading the Terms page has been proven to temporarily cure insomnia and is also non-habit forming.

Do You Ship Outside the USA?

Currently, we do not ship internationally but if America shows us some love and orders lots of decks, we’re going for full-on world domination!

How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

Orders ship within 1 – 3 days. Orders totaling $59 or more get free shipping.

I Accidentally Mangled A Card…

If things get a little crazy and you accidentally pummel a card into pulp, and it’s in such bad shape that you can’t play with it, send a personal message to along with a photo of the disfigured card and we’ll get you a free replacement.